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Tabebuia serratifolia

Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is a South American hardwood that is as close to the perfect decking wood as one can get. 

Ipe is highly stable, rot resistant, fire resistant, mostly color consistent, extremely hard, abundant in many sizes, and, of course, beautiful.  Ipe is projected to have a lifespan of over 40 years, and in most cases, it will outlast your home ownership!

All of our Ipe is sold surfaced on 4 sides (S4S) and eased on 4 edges (E4E).  In most cases, this is a finished product, but because of the extreme hardness of Ipe, some pieces with vertical grain may have raised ridges of harder medullary ray material (this is the structure in a tree that carries the nutrients) which may need sanding.  We do offer sanding services and can quote this for you if you so desire.

If you are using hidden fasteners, we can groove your Ipe decking  for you.  Just be sure to mention this when submitting your request for a quote.

Finally, we will sell just a few boards or a complete decking package if needed, so check out our accessories page for end sealant, oil, hidden fasteners, etc. to learn more.

ipe decking

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