Guide to Exotic Hardwoods: Ipe, Part 2

The prize-worthy characteristics of Ipe make it a king among decking species. This Brazilian-based lumber species isn’t just for decking, though. To learn more about how to install it and the applications for which it is ideal, read on. Ipe Products and Applications Hardwood to Go specializes in air-dried S4S, E4E Ipe decking that’s dried to […] Read more »

Guide to Exotic Hardwoods: Ipe, Part 1

Ipe decking. It’s become the standard by which all other decking is measured, and for good reason: This tropical decking species has a lifespan of over 40 years, allowing it to add beauty and value to your home. So let’s learn a little more about this amazing product, shall we? Ipe Selling Points Ipe decking […] Read more »